Stephen Byler

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Advanced Praise for Splinter:

"Stephen Byler has created, in Splinter, one of the most engagingly sympathetic characters in any modern novel I have read. From the light-spirited comic to the deeper level of a man of conscience caught in sexual complications beyond his control and to the still deeper level of a man struggling to overcome the viscerally violent by an overview of compassionate understanding, the reader is impelled by prose that has its own lilting rhythm, its own affirmative heart-beat."
--David Plante, author of The Pure Lover

"Stephen Byler is a terrific writer. Splinter is powerful, engaging, and hauntingly resonant."
--Kate Walbert, author of A Short History of Women

“Byler’s stories sound terrific right from the start. His take on a marriage in extremis is subtle and expert; so is his grasp of the skittery details. . . . Artful and affecting. . . ”